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Emergency Information for IfA Manoa


Maintained by KT & LG

In case of any campus emergency, dial ext. 6-6911 from any university phone or 956-6911 from an outside line.  

Provide information on the nature of the emergency, i.e., theft, accident, fire, etc. Give the location, building name, your name, number you are calling from, and any other information requested. Remain on the phone until released.

See for campuswide emergency procedures and updates.


  1. If the alarm bell has not been activated, immediately activate the alarm via the pull station. (Refer to the Emergency Evacuation Plan Map for pull station locations. Hint: Click on map to enlarge.)

  2. After the alarm bell has been activated, evacuate the building without delay. Do not use elevators.

  3. Notify Campus Security via ext. 6-6911 (on a University phone) or 956-6911 (on an outside line).

  4. Where possible, close all doors and windows. Leave ALL doors unlocked when exiting but close doors. Do not under any circumstances silence building fire alarm. Do not return to the building for any reason until instructed to do so by proper authorities.

  5. While maintaining a safe escape route and where prudent, utilize first aid fire fighting equipment, i.e., portable extinguishers (refer to the Emergency Evacuation Plan Map for fire extinguisher locations).

  6. Remember to crawl low in smoke. Know the location of stairwells and building exits (refer to the Emergency Evacuation Plan Map for emergency exit locations). If escape routes are blocked by heat or heavy smoke, seek an area of refuge or remain in your room with the door closed and the opening sealed until help arrives.

  7. When evacuating the building, move away from the building entrance and clear building access for emergency response personnel. Do not obstruct fire hydrants.

  8. The front lawn area close to Woodlawn Dr. has been designated as the primary evacuation area for all employees.  Assemble in evacuation area by 4 alpha groups so roll call can be taken being sure to let the person know taking roll call of others that may be on vacation, out sick, injured etc.

  9. If primary evacuation area is unsafe or blocked for any reason, exit immediately out the back of IFA (between “A” and “B” buildings), and go across the driveway and meet on the back street (called Keama Pl.).

  10. Account for all department/office personnel, students, and visitors. Try to remember who you see leaving the building.

  11. Information regarding persons with disabilities who need evacuation assistance should be given to the first responding Campus Security officers. Honolulu Fire Department personnel have training and equipment to assist with the evacuation of wheelchair users and other mobility impaired persons. Assist those with disabilities to leave the building, if you can do it safely.

  12. To evacuate persons with disabilities who are elevator dependent (when the elevator may not be used), e.g., those with wheelchairs, cardiac and/or pulmonary disabilities, crutches, canes, walkers, etc., please use the following procedure):

a. Escort the person to the closest stairwell or a safe area.

b. If possible, assign someone to inform Campus Security that there is a person with a disability needing evacuation assistance and specify the person's access/evacuation needs and location.


In the event of a power outage, please report to the courtyard area for further instructions.




The Director or his/her designee decides that an emergency communication needs to be sent to IfA faculty and staff. Communication can be sent to all, or some of the faculty and staff. There are two forms of contacting faculty and staff: direct contact via phone calls and indirect via e-mail.

Direct contact procedure

  1. The Director will initiate calling of the Emergency "Point of Contact List" of all IfA Manoa directors, chairs, and officers, as previously established.

  2. Director will craft (or approve) the message to be given to each person contacted.

  3. The various directors, chairs, and officers will be responsible for contacting those persons they supervise.

Indirect contact

(This will be used if mass distribution of the information is required.)

  1. A technical person will be appointed to coordinate these efforts and post the message.

  2. The Director will craft (or approve) the message to be posted on the mass communication system which may include e-mail via the IfA e-mail list, if available, memo posted on front doors, and announcements on radio or television. Example: there may be an immediate threat in or to the building during normal work hours, thus an e-mail is sent to all persons on the IfA Manoa e-mail list ordering a lockdown (all persons are to remain in their respective offices with their doors locked) until further notice. Obviously, as much information as possible will be given if such a situation arises.

  3. Emergencies that are affecting the IfA Manoa facility will be listed on the University of Hawaii Emergency website and can be accessed any time at All staff are encouraged to check this website for updates.

Acknowledgement of receipt of message:

  1. The various directors, chairs, and officers will be responsible for collating all information regarding who has and who has not been contacted.

  2. Faculty and staff may be asked to call a specific telephone number to ascertain the need for their services and report their availability to work or assist the university community.

What to do in case of various emergencies on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus: 



IfA Emergency Kit

Located in the mailroom, the kit contains:

These items are meant for emergency purposes only. If you use these items during an emergency, please be sure to return them and replenish any supplies that are used.