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Victoria Ward, Limited Donates Funds for Telescope

by Joan Yanagihara

This 10-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain portable telescope was acquired with the help of Victoria Ward, Limited.

A 10-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain portable telescope is among the items recently acquired by the Institute for Astronomy through funds donated in 2000 by Victoria Ward, Limited, the company that owns and operates the Victoria Ward Centers. The company provided $11,500 to purchase the telescope, a companion laptop computer,  a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, and planetarium software to be used in the IfA's undergraduate and graduate teaching programs and in public outreach activities.

When presenting the gift, Victoria Ward President and Chief Executive Officer Mitch D'Olier said,  "We are happy to connect the world-class science in the UH Institute for Astronomy with our community and wish you much success with your educational work."

With the high-grade telescope and related equipment, Friends of Hawaii Astronomy and astronomy students are able to observe both the best-known night-sky objects and a range of fainter objects, such as nebulae, nearby galaxies, and distant solar system objects. When used with the CCD camera, the telescope will be able to record long exposure images of planets, nebulae, and galaxies, thus enabling astronomy students to study asteroids, comets, the motion of solar system objects, and the brightness of variable stars.

This year the  telescope has already been used in events at the Institute's Manoa headquarters, in the Friends of Hawaii Astronomy Summer Stargazing series, and in various astronomy classes. This gift has been most helpful in expanding the educational outreach programs of the IfA.