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From the Director

Dear Friends of the Institute for Astronomy,

Each year, the American Astronomical Society, the principal organization of professional astronomers in North America, holds two major meetings, one in January and one in late May or early June. These meetings give astronomers the chance to present their research results in talks or as poster papers and to network with other astronomers. In May 2007, the meeting was held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. This year's meetings have been almost as convenient, as both are in California. As this newsletter goes to press, many IfA astronomers are putting the final touches on their talks and posters for the June 7-11 meeting in Pasadena.

Two of our astronomers have been asked to present their findings at press conferences organized by the AAS staff. Alan Stockton will speak about massive galaxies in the early Universe. Jonathan Swift will talk about the precursors of massive stars. These press conferences ensure that some of the most significant and interesting findings to be presented at the conference are publicized to an audience wider than just professional astronomers. The journalists who cover these press conferences are mostly those who cover science or astronomy for their respective publications, which range from the New York Times to the general science journals Science and Nature, popular science magazines such as Discover and Scientific American, and the magazines Astronomy and Sky & Telescope.

As always, it is our pleasure to share some of our findings with you through this newsletter.

Rolf-Peter Kudritzki


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