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Günther Hasinger

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From the Director

When the Keck I and Keck 2 telescopes of the W. M. Keck Observatory were completed on Maunakea in 1993 and 1996, respectively, UH received a percentage of observing time on each telescope, but not representation on the Board of Directors of the California Association for Research in Astronomy, which governs Keck. Last year, this changed, and these changes are now bearing fruit. UH now has a nonvoting representative at Board of Directors meetings and two representatives, rather than one, on the Science Steering Committee. We also have an IfA co-principal investigator on the proposal to the National Science Foundation to fund the next generation of adaptive optics for Keck, and we are looking forward to extending our cooperation to build additional instruments for these two telescopes. This is very advantageous for UH and IfA.

I wish to say aloha and thank you to outgoing Keck Director Taft Armandroff for all his hard work and success since assuming the Keck directorship in 2006. During his tenure, the observatory continued to be a global leader in optical and infrared astronomy. Armandroff is stepping down as of June 1 to become a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and director of its McDonald Observatory.

I am also glad to note that on February 20 the University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents approved the Scientific Cooperation Agreement and the associated sublease for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), the penultimate approval required before construction can begin.

Please join us at our Mānoa Open House on April 6 and to view the total lunar eclipse on April 14.


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April Lunar Eclipse

Join us on the evening of April 14 to view a total lunar eclipse. The IfA will hold eclipse parties for the public at Kapi‘olani Park and behind the Kahuku Public Library. See the article in this issue for more details.  



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Upcoming Events

Sunday, April 6, Mānoa Open House, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the IfA, 2680 Woodlawn Drive in Mānoa. Family event with activities for all ages. Free.

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