Jamie Tayar
Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i
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Research Interests
My recent work has focused on evolved low-mass stars. Are our stellar models accurate? Do they agree with new data on stellar masses, metallicities, temperatures, and rotation rates? What can the disagreements tell us about the internal physics of stars? How well can we use these models to predict stellar ages and masses? These questions are important because any problems in stellar models become magnified when used to determine the properties of planets or infer how galaxies evolved.

I'm currently using data collected from large surveys like Kepler, TESS, and APOGEE and making stellar models using the YREC stellar evolution code. I have often used the surface and core rotation rates of evolved stars to probe the physics of angular momentum transport and loss, but I'm also very interested in the physics of mixing and convection, as traced by convective mixing lengths, lithum, and [C/N] ratios. Additionally, I've done previous projects on young stars, using both spectra and photometric variability to probe such processes as accretion, star spots, and interactions with disks.

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